Police Week Volunteers

We are once again using the online sign up tool from Sign Up Genius to register PW Volunteers.

Any member of FOP DC Lodge 1 who wants to work as volunteer at our "Tent City" location during Police Week should send a request to dc1policeweek@gmail.com. You will then receive an invite with the link to Sign Up Genius and access code. For security reasons we will not publish the link and access code publicly. Please note that all volunteers must be signed up in advance.

New volunteers are always welcome! There are plenty of jobs to go around. We can accommodate mobility and disability issues with "sit-down" jobs.

Family members and friends are also welcome to be volunteers as long as the member is also a volunteer or they are pre-approved by the committee in advance.

Community Service Volunteer Hours/Credits

Family members who need High School or College required community service credits can also volunteer and will be supervised by our Community Service Liaison. For more information on fulfilling community service requirements please contact dc1policweek@gmail.com.

Attention Aluminum Can Collectors/Recyclers

The Police Week Committee is looking for DC Lodge 1 members who regularly collect aluminum cans for the purpose of turning them in to recycling centers for their scrap value. We are considering a profit sharing type of arrangement for the thousands of empty cans collected during police week. If this interests you and you want more information please contact us at dc1policweek@gmail.com. This is just something we are looking into for now and is not confirmed.