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    Accidental Death and Additional Benefits

    Accidental Death and Additional Benefits

    All members in good standing are insured.

    Accidental Death benefit is 24 hour coverage — business or pleasure. This benefit pays when a member dies from a covered accidental bodily injury that is independent of all other causes.  Benefit: $2,500.

    Line of Duty benefit is defined as a "covered activity" and will pay in addition to the Accidental Death benefit when a member is killed while performing law enforcement duties.  Benefit: $2,500.

    Felonious Assault benefit is paid in addition to the Accidental Death and Line of Duty Benefits when a member’s loss of life results from use of force equivalent to a felony under the jurisdiction in which the accident occurred.  Benefit: $2,500.

    Seat Belt benefit pays in addition to other applicable benefits if a member is killed as a result of an automobile accident while properly utilizing a seat belt, as evidenced by a police report.  Benefit: $2,500.

    Occupant Protection Device benefit pays in addition to other applicable benefits if a member is killed as a result of an automobile accident while protected by a properly deployed air bag. This benefit is only paid if the Seat Belt benefit is payable.  Benefit: $2,500.

    Common Carrier benefit is paid in addition to the Accidental Death Benefit if a member is killed while riding on a qualifying land, air, or water transportation.  Benefit: $2,500.

    Heart and Circulatory Malfunction benefit pays in addition to other applicable benefits if a member under the age of 65 suffers a covered loss of life due to a heart or circulatory malfunction within 48 hours after participation in an emergency activity. The member must not have been diagnosed or received any treatment for any heart or circulatory system disease or illness within two years prior to the covered activity.  Benefit: $2,500.

    Additional Benefits are paid when a member is involved in an accident that directly results in one of the following losses:

    • Loss of Speech:  $1,250
    • Loss of Hearing (both ears):  $1,250
    • Reattachment of Hand or Foot:  $1,250
    • Loss of hands or feet:  $2,500
    • Loss of hand or foot:  $1,250
    • Loss Thumb and Index Finger of Same Hand:  $625
    • Loss of sight, both eyes:  $2,500
    • Loss of sight, one eye:  $1,250
    • Quadriplegia:  $2,500
    • Paraplegia:  $1,875
    • Hemiplegia:  $1,250
    • Uniplegia:  $625

    FOP Legal Defense Plan

    FOP Legal Defense Plan

    DC FOP Lodge #1 is working alongside the National F.O.P. to provide our members with the F.O.P. Legal Defense Plan, which is owned and operated by the National F.O.P. It is a plan designed to protect our members from any criminal, administrative and civil matters arising from their performance of duties. This will also cover our members while working overtime and off duty employment. Although the individual cost for this plan is usually $286.00 a year for full coverage, we are able to offer it to you through the lodge at the group rate for $264.00 with a savings of $22.00 per year. For more information, please visit

    This in no way replaces whatever bargaining agreement you have. This is an additional means of protection for all of our lodge members. You may need the following information to complete the application (if you need to be reminded of your member number, please contact the lodge.)

    Lodge Name:  Jerrard F. Young
    Lodge Number:  DC Lodge One
    Contact Name:  Sandy Marroquin
    Address:  711 4th St. NW
    Phone:  202-408-7767
    Fax:  202-408-1680

    Registration and Payment Option 1:
    You can apply and pay online at Select Join Now, choose 'Group Enrollment' and fill in the form, following the online instructions for payment.

    Registration and Payment Option 2:
    Go to, select Join Now, choose 'Group Enrollment form' and use the 'print blank application' option. Please fill it out, scan a copy of the application, e-mail it to Sandy Marroquin and pay using the PayPal button below. The Lodge will take care of the rest of the process. If you decide you rather pay with a check please make out the check to the F.O.P. Legal Defense Plan and in the memo field of the check write DC01-P. Drop it off at our lodge office with the application at 711 4th St. NW.

    Arlington Law Group

    Arlington Law Group

    The Arlington Law Group has partnered with the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #1 to provide an exclusive Member Benefit program to Active, Associate and Honorary Members of the Lodge.

    Lodge members are entitled to a ten percent (10%) discount off of all of Arlington Law Group's legal fees and packages. Their office is conveneintly located in Arlington between the Rosslyn and Courthouse Metro stations, and our attorneys are licensed to practice in Virginia, the District of Columbia and Maryland. Go to the Arlington Law Group web site to find out more information and set up an initial consultation.

    Member Travel
    FOP Travel Benefits

    As exclusive members of the FOP, you can take advantage of amazing travel benefits, savings and bonuses through the National Lodge. For example, your travel savings include:

    • NO Booking Fees
    • NEXT TO NOTHING Deposit Program—you can make a reservation with as little as $50 per person down!
    • 10% CASH BACK OR BONUS CREDITS on every vacation. We will quote you the exact amount (call today 541-855-3222) or you can see our Maximum
    • Savings Chart below to see how much Travel Cash you can earn today!
    • 5% SAVINGS on Shore Excursions
    • BONUS SAVINGS on Complete Travel Packages
    • Price Matching and Price Reduction Monitoring included.

    FOP Travel Benefits

    Also, take advantage of great rental discounts with Avis! For special reservations, visit Avis online or call (800) 331-1212 and mention your AWD# S034700. Save additional money with money saving coupons from MSTA Membership Department. Enroll in Avis Preferred Express program using the AWD# and save the $50.00 on yearly enrollment fee.