Mechanical Breaching Techniques Class

Wednesday, September 25, 2019 @ 0700hrs

FOP DC Lodge 711 4th St. NW

The Mechanical Breaching Techniques class is sponsored by BLACKHAWK and the instructor is Ty Weaver, adjunct instructor for BLACKHAWK. The class will cover the following:

  • Types of breach doors, windows, car, wall, etc.
  • Equipment selection, capabilities, transportation, deployment, employment techniques, and positioning
  • Breach point approach and flow through
  • Communication at the breach
  • Low-light breach
  • Weapons control at the breach
  • Support equipment
  • Maintaining equipment

The cost for the class is $15 and that is to cover breakfast and lunch. It also keeps people from signing up and then not showing up. Once the class is full at 60 participants, we will shut off the sign up for this class. Please bring whatever equipment you work with we will have some on site. This is hands on and full duty gear is required.

“Train Like You Deploy, Deploy Like You Train”

Sign up and pay: