The D.C. Lodge #1 Jack Daniel's Committee again has partnered with the Jack Daniel's Distillery in Lynchburg, Tennessee to create a limited edition of 200 Single Barrel - Barrel Proof Gold Labeled bottles to commemorate this year's Christmas Holiday in Washington, DC.

The bottle will have an etched badge on one side with the words "Holiday Celebration 2019", and on the other side will be an etched with the famous Jack Daniel’s Barrel Tree from Lynchburg. It will also come with a medallion with the words "2019 FOP DC Lodge #1 Holiday Select Bottle".

If you want to pick up the bottle at the Lodge, the cost is $80; if you want it shipped to you, the cost is $105.

In addition to our Jack Daniel's bottle, we are excited to offer a limited-edition challenge coin! This coin is shaped like the classic Jack Daniel's barrel, with a badge logo design and "Holiday Celebration 2019" on one side, and a Santa hat on the other. This run of coins is numbered from 1 to 400 with a price of $25 per coin, which includes shipping. The numbers will be randomly drawn once you place your order; we are unable to reserve specific numbers.


You must be 21 or over to purchase! We are not able to ship to P.O. boxes. If you have any questions, please e-mail Michael Kruggel at

D. Michael Kruggel
Jack Daniel's Committee, FOP DC Lodge #1


Make Your Purchase:

JD Bottle (for pick-up)

$ 80 / bottle
  • Commemorates the Lodge #1 Christmas Holiday Party.
  • Listed price is for pick up at the Lodge only.
  • You can change quantity.

JD Bottle (with shipping)

$ 105 / bottle
  • Listed price includes shipping. Shipping cost will be added at checkout.
  • Bottles will ship when received from Jack Daniel's.
  • Commemorates the Lodge #1 Christmas Holiday Party.
  • You can change quantity.
  • No shipping to PO Boxes.


Commemorative Coin

$ 25 / coin
  • A special Holiday Celebration design.
  • Coins are numbered from 1 to 400.
  • Numbers will be randomly drawn only.
  • You can change quantity.