DC Lodge #1 Scholarship Programs

The Jack Daniel's Fundraising and Foundation Committee has approved an initial $5,000 investment for ten (10) $500 scholarships, forever known as the "Nila Ritenour Memorial Scholarship". This scholarship is for any DC Lodge member's high school graduate, or GED receiver, who will be attending either a college, university or trade school the following school year.

This member must be in good standing at the time of the paperwork submission and at the time of the scholarship being awarded to his or her child. In addition, ALL scholarship winners will be required to volunteer no less than four (4) hours of time working on behalf of the Lodge in a capacity approved by the Scholarship Committee.

This committee will be set forth by the president post haste so that these Scholarships can be given by the end of the 2018-2019 school year, and set any and all rules involving the giving of these scholarships. THESE SCHOLARSHIPS CAN NOT BE COMBINED. One per person per scholarship, up to the ten (10) approved.

In addition, the child or children of any DC Lodge #1 ACTIVE member who is killed in the line of duty will be given an automatic $1,000 scholarship when they become of age and meet the criteria as set prior. This is above and beyond the scholarships for that year already stated.

Also, if any member of DC Lodge #1 is permanently injured in the Line of Duty, his or her child/children will be given preferential approval for the scholarship application process provided they meet the above criteria.

This was approved unanimously by the Jack Daniel’s Fundraising & Foundation Committee and passed on during the monthly Board of Directors meeting and to the General Membership meeting on June 13, 2018.

D Michael Kruggel
Jack Daniel’s Fundraising and Foundation Committee