On September 20, 2018 the FOP DC Lodge 1 DART Unit returned from Morehead City, North Carolina, where we’ve been working 24 hour days providing food services to all First Responders that could make it to us; if not we got it out to them.

I would like to personally thank all the DC Lodge members who volunteered their own personal time and resources to help our brothers and sisters down South. I would especially like to thank my fellow DART Committee members Mike Kruggel and Jody Stimmell for all their work in my absence.

To our brothers and sisters in NC and SC that are still in harm's way, I’d like to thank you for your kindness in giving us a first rate facility to help you. To those reading this, the facility had four walls and a roof, and when we got there it had a flooded floor since it was 50 feet from the ocean. But to us, it was amazing and way beyond what we deserved for helping you. Our Team was able to bring you a small sense of home cooking – OK, so it was Police Week style, but we came to be there for you and with you!

To NC FOP State President Randy Hagler, NC National Trustee Dennis McCrary, and FOP National Chaplain Phil Wiggins: thank you for coming down to be with us and bringing in the members of the many different NC FOP Lodges to assist and be a part of this.

To FOP National Secretary Patrick Yoes, thank you again for being an ad-hoc member of the DC DART Unit when you’ve deployed with us to everything after your hometown hurricane, Katrina, back in 2005. You have provided us with continuous assistance, with your hands-on presence and knowledge, to always help DC prepare for the next time we deploy.

As most of my Thin Blue Line brothers and Sisters know, we never fight anything alone. Once again, the FOP showed you we never will!

God Speed to NC, SC, and the DC FOP DART!

Andy Maybo
DC FOP Disaster Aid Response Team