The Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) DC Lodge One and its member agencies are sponsoring one hundred $50.00 meal cards for members who, at Christmastime, find themselves in the difficult position of not being able to afford a Christmas dinner. We understand that there are times in members' lives when life's grind wears them out. When no matter how well they think they might be prepared for losses, they nonetheless deplete their financial resources. Additionally, we recognize that the unique position we have in our communities as fixers and problem solvers works against many who do not want to admit that they need help themselves.

Members can reach out to their shop stewards, trustees, or call direct to the below listed numbers for discreet confidential assistance.

The FOP has also reached out to Code3 for assistance in funding 70 additional $50.00 meals, which will be actual Christmas boxes of food. These boxes will contain everything needed for a Christmas dinner. We propose that each patrol District be allotted 10 meals. Patrol officers should be allowed to pick families in need from their district and be allowed to make delivery of the meals to their selected family.

The FOP understands that officers and citizens make up our communities and wish everyone a Merry Blue Christmas.


Bonnie Cannon: (410) 610-8613
Lou Cannon: (202) 256-2454
Gerald G. Neill Jr.: (202) 420-9780
Note: Calls will be confidential.

How It Works

Lodge Gift Cards: The lodge will purchase Safeway Gift cards for members' Christmas Dinner boxes in groups of 20. The first group of 20 will be available for pickup at the Lodge on Friday, December 8, 2017, at 0900Hrs to 1700Hrs. Members will be requested to sign for each gift card. Depending on demand, additional gift cards will be purchased and available for members on Friday, December 15, 2017, at 0900Hrs to 1700Hrs. and again on Friday, December 22, 2017, from 0900Hrs to 1700Hrs. The Lodge has graciously sponsored 100 gift cards for our members and they will be available until our authorized stock is exhausted.

Code3 Community Meal Boxes: The FOP approached Code3 and requested that they sponsor seventy $50 meal boxes. Since Blue Christmas is new concept we are asking the Metropolitan Police Department if they would assist us in getting these meals into the homes of our citizens who otherwise not have a Christmas Dinner. We propose that each of the seven patrol districts allow officers in their district to request and pick up meal boxes from the Lodge and take them to the homes our citizens in need.

Meal box requests have to be to the Lodge by close of business on Friday, December 15, 2017. Meal boxes will be available for pick up on Friday December 22, 2017, from 0900Hrs until 1700Hrs. The last day for meal box pick up is Saturday December 23, 2017, from 0900 until 1300Hrs. Remember if you do not request a meal box we will not fund a meal box. We do not want food to go to waste and we do not want to waste Code3's goodwill in supporting us as we support you and our communities.

For more information, please send an e-mail to Gerald G. Neill at