Jack Daniel’s Offers

The Fraternal Order of Police Washington, D.C. Lodge #1 is providing several different opportunities for you to get hold of collectible Jack Daniel's bottles and memorabilia! To order one or more of the items, use the PayPal buttons at the end of the list.


Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Bottles

DC Lodge #1 has contracted with the Jack Daniel’s Distillery located in Lynchburg, TN to obtain collectible Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Bottles, which commemorate National Police Week 2018 -- and also which benefits the DC Lodge #1 Foundation. Unlike last year, there are only a limited number of bottles and the sales will end when that number is reached. There will be no re-order of any additional barrels this year; please do not lose out on this unique opportunity to purchase these collectible and commemorative bottles. This is a first come first serve purchase!

The price is $80.00 per bottle until May 1, 2018, when the remaining bottles will increase to the Police Week price of $100.00. Please remember that all pickups of these bottles must be completed during National Police Week 2018 at the Lodge's 'Tent City' location. There are no more bottles available for shipping!

Any orders must be picked up at the DC Lodge #1 Tent City location during National Police Week 2018.

This year, every person that orders/purchases their bottles, PRIOR TO MAY 1st, will be entered into a drawing for one of two items. Those items are a Jack Daniels Personal Collection Decanter set and a Barrel Top signed by Jeff Arnett, the Master Distiller at Jack Daniels in Lynchburg, TN. The first person drawn will pick the item they wish and the second person drawn will receive the remaining gift. So please order before May 1!


You must be 21 or over to purchase and if shipping to your residence, you must be over 21 to receive. If you have any questions, please e-mail Michael Kruggel at dmkruggel@dc-fop.org. DO NOT FORGET, WE WILL NOT BE ORDERING ANY MORE BOTTLES TO COMMEMORATE NATIONAL POLICE WEEK 2018, SO PLACE YOUR ORDER EARLY SO YOU DO NOT MISS OUT!



Special Bottle Raffles

The first raffle is for a “Thin Blue Line” bottle that is signed by the Master Distiller, Jeff Arnett, and the Master Taster and Goodwill Ambassador, “Goose” himself!

The second raffle item is for a single set of the Commemorative National Police Week 2017 and 2018 Collectible bottles together! As most of you know, the 2017 bottle sold out on Day 1 at Tent City 2017 so if you want a chance to get the complete set, this is how you do it! This raffle will benefit the DC FOP Auxiliary, that has worked long and hard hours putting Police Week events on each and every year!

The cost of the raffles is $10 each per chance. Keep in mind, these raffles are limited so when those tickets are gone, there are no more. Be sure to include your address, phone number and date of birth when ordering!


Jack Daniel's Coin Offer

The front of the coin gives reverence to the heritage of the Jack Daniel’s Distillery, depicting the wooden barrels and their black steel rings. The back of the coin is the badge from the National Police Officers Memorial Service, and the coins are individually numbered. The rings on the back of the coin are in blue to pay homage to the Thin Blue Line. The total cost with shipping is $20 each.


On-Site Etching

Finally, Jack Daniel’s has agreed to send us their official bottle etcher to Tent City! We have no cost information at this time; however, the only bottle that will be approved to be etched with your name, etc, will be this year's bottle, National Police Week 2018. I will update you as quickly as we have the cost info!


D. Michael Kruggel
Jack Daniel's Committee, FOP D.C. Lodge #1


Bottle for Pickup at
NPW '18 Tent City

$80 per bottle.

Coin Only,
Shipped to You

$20 per coin.

Raffle: Thin Blue
Line Bottle

$10 per chance.

NPW 2017 and 2018
Collectible Bottles

$10 per chance.