Auxiliary Report

I hope everyone is having a safe and wonderful Summer.

On May 5th, FOP DC Lodge #1 held a Cinco De Mayo fundraiser for a Washington DC Metropolitan Police Department (MPDC) Detective who has been stricken with leukemia. Some of our Auxiliary members, as well as myself, were there to assist during this fundraiser.  Our Auxiliary also donated all of our beach/cooler bucket raffle proceeds to contribute toward the Detective's increasing medical bills.

Again this year we helped co-host the Local Law Enforcement Memorial on May 7th with MPDC and the DC Chapter of Concerns of Police Survivors (DC-COPS). A special thank you goes to my Vice President, Patty Sucato, who works diligently every year with MPDC and DC-COPS to make this service always a success. It was a great service and we had a good show of people; however, we always would like to see more participation from our law enforcement and local community to show support for the families of the fallen officers. I have been reading the names of our local fallen officers with new ones added every year for the past 5 years and every year it still affects me as I read each hero's name. I wish there were not any names to read. Unfortunately, there seems to be more and more each year and I truly hope and pray this trend ends. Our Auxiliary, together with our Lodge, hosted a luncheon afterward for those who attended the service. Code 3 Association, Maggiano's Italian Restaurant, FOP DC Lodge #1 and Cannon Consulting helped to sponsor this luncheon. We truly appreciate their generosity.

Something I would like to say about Code 3 Association is that it is a great resource for law enforcement. It is committed to ensuring that all police officers who have been severely injured in the line of duty receive the resources, support and care they need to thrive post-injury and regain their independence. They have helped our Auxiliary on several occasions. If you would like to contact them you can contact Joseph Abdalla at

Our Auxiliary also volunteered at the VIP Tent at the National Peace Officers' Memorial Service this year. It always is wonderful to see the volunteers that come from all over to help, to witness the fraternalism in the FOP Auxiliary, and to experience how we all come together during these important events to make the families feel comforted.

Our next event will be a pancake and sausage breakfast at the Lodge on September 15th (our Thank an Officer day), from 7am to Noon, to thank our officers for all they do and the sacrifices they make to ensure our safety.

As an Auxiliary or FOP member you get certain benefits and one of those is a discount on travel. Our FOP and FOP Auxiliary uses Griffin Worldwide Travel. One of their next trips is an FOP trip to Ireland in October 2019. This tour includes time in Dublin, Cork, Ring of Kerry, Giants' Causeway and much more. This is a 12 day trip with 12 breakfasts and 6 dinners included. If you are interested, please contact Marianne Griffin at 703-957-8020 or email her at

I would also like to remind our FOP Auxiliary members that you are also now eligible to receive dental and eye vision benefits through our FOP. If you are interested, please contact Pablo Figueroa at

We are always looking for new members. If you are a family member of an FOP member you are eligible to be a member of the Auxiliary. The cost of membership is $20 per year. We have board meetings monthly and membership meetings quarterly. If you are a Maryland or DC resident you are also eligible for FOP tags under this membership. As a member you are not required to put in any time at events or come to the meetings but if you have time it would be great appreciated. This membership gives your family an opportunity to establish a fraternal bond with police families. If you are interested please contact me at


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